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Digital Transformation

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Digital Transformation

Our mission is to help our clients
to formalize their strategic vision
and to assist them in their projects of
modernization and transformation:
operational performance improvement,
optimization of the value chain,
dematerialization, diversification
of consumer access modes.  



Initially positioned in the media & entertainment industry, lct:conseil extends its activities to areas where digital is a great opportunity for development and value creation: health, education, public administration...  



lct:conseil helps you analyze technological developments and their impact on your business model, helps you transform the risk into an opportunity and formalize your strategic vision.  



Downstream strategic decisions,
lct:conseil intervenes to support
modernization and optimization
of your manufacturing processes
and your organization.  



The multi media digital strategies
of the company requires thorough
overhaul of information systems
and infrastructure.
lct:conseil helps define your
IT Blueprint and implement your projects.